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  Sustainable Livelihood Training

Mangroves based Sustainable Livelihood Workshop, SK Kuala Gula, Perak, 3-7 Mei 2010

The Livelihood workshop was co-organized by the CIMB Foundation, Forestry Department of Peninsular Malaysia, Global Environment Centre and Mangrove Action Project- Indonesia. This workshop was attended primarily by local community fisherfolk, together with representatives of government agencies involved in the management of the Kuala Gula Wildlife Sanctuary and other community based mangroves conservation related organizations. All participants were engaged in hands-on learning about sustainable livelihood activities, through a series of pratical and classroom lessons. It was a fruitful workshop where participants learnt how to process the mangrove-based products from Avicennia spp., Sonneratia spp., Acanthus spp.and Acrostichum spp.. This has been an important complement to the existing SHB activities.





 Gambar oleh: GEC/ S. Y. Chin: GEC/H. Izwan

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