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  Soap and Candle Making Training

Training to make Soap and Candle from used Cooking Oil, Kuala Gula, 24th April 2011

This training also to support the alternative livelihood option programme that developed before. The training was co-organized by SHELL Malaysia, Global Environment Centre and River Community, Friends of Sungei Way. This training was funded by The Shell Malaysia Sustainable Development (SD) Grants under the project “Building Socio Economic Resilience of Coastal Communities for the Sustainability of Kuala Gula Mangroves”. This training was attended by local community of Kuala Gula which is primarily consists of the women group.

River Community, Friends of Sungei Way have the experience and knowledge on processing the used cooking oil into homemade soap and candle. The training was conducted by River Community, Friends of Sungei Way, which engage all participants in hand-on training to make soap and candle from used cooking oil. It was a fruitful training although it only takes 4 hours to finish. Local communities of Kuala Gula especially the women group now know the safe way to treat the used cooking oils instead of just pouring into the sink as other people used to.





 Gambar oleh: GEC/ S. Y. Chin: GEC/H. Izwan

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