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  Online Survey
Online Survey

Total submit: 51

1. What you think about mangroves conservation in Malaysia?

Well protected
Need urgent attention

2. In your opinion , which of the following is the main cause of mangrove degradation in Malaysia?

Population pressure
Aquaculture development
Wood-chips operation
Land reclamation
Don't know

3. In your opinion, what is lacking in the current mangroves conservation effort?

Public awareness programme
Community participatory approach
Political will
Scientific research
Law and legislation
Coordination between relevant agencies

4. Which do you think is the most effective way to conserve mangroves in Malaysia?

Better law and legislation
Effective enforcement
Public awareness programme
Community participatory approach
Capacity building of the relevant agencies
Gazette mangroves as protected areas

5. Which of the following will you choose to participate in to conserve our mangrove forests?

Mangrove seedlings planting
Donation for mangrove conservation
Ecological mangrove restoration
Mangroves clean up
Participate in mangrove awareness campaign